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Metabolic Disorders in Patients with Chronic Osteomyelitis: Etiology and Pathogenesis (Archil Tsiskarashvili, Nikolay Zagorodny, Svetlana Rodionova and Dmitry Gorbatyuk)

05 июня 2022г.

Abstract In this study, we discuss the peculiarities of metabolic disorders that follow the development of chronic osteomyelitis. For the purposes of this study, we analyzed the available data as well as results of our own clinical and scientific research. Chronic osteomyelitis leads not only to the destruction of bone tissue by pathogen but also to the shift of equilibrium between osteogenesis and bone resorption in the locus of bone infections. Such shift leads to additional damage not only to the bone cells (primarily osteoblasts) but also to the bone matrix. The final complications include difficulties with bone consolidation and prolongation of therapy, even when the patient is treated using an external fixation method like Ilizarov or similar techniques. Etiopathogenetic therapy, aimed at correction of metabolic disorders, allows to shorten the bone consolidation time (and respectively, the treatment time), preventing different pathogenetic processes that exacerbate and enhance each other’s effects. This study emphasizes the importance of etiopathogenetic therapy of metabolic disorders in patients with chronic osteomyelitis. Etiopathogenetic therapy should be combined with other necessary methods of the patient’s treatment, such as surgical debridement of the infection locus and antibiotic therapy.

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